Additional Styles Added to Eco Born Biobased Capsule Collection

New York, NY

MODO Eyewear has added eight new styles to their environmentally-friendly Eco Born Biobased capsule collection. Each style is available in six colors. The collection features four women’s and three men’s styles, with one unisex frame.

Born from MODO’s successful Eco line, the new additions to the Biobased capsule collection consist of mainly modified rectangular styles in vibrant colors. The combination of stylish and eco- sustainable eyewear ensures the collection is not only environmentally friendly, but also a leader in eyewear fashion.

Biobased features lightweight and flexible frames made of 63 percent bio-based materials. The frames are made from castor seeds, a highly sustainable plant because of its fast growth after being harvested. In only a few months, the plant can grow up to 15” in height.

The collection is a result of a three yearlong collaboration with a French chemical company. Biobased is bio-certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is part of the USDA’s bio-preferred program. Under the Bio-Preferred Program, companies who create bio- based products are given preference by federal agencies when making purchase decisions.

About Eco

“Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” - Eco is the first and only eyewear collection made of 95 percent recycled materials, without any compromise in quality or price. Through the “One Frame One Tree” program, Eco plants a tree for each frame sold. So far over 800,000 trees have been planted in Africa! Eco’s packaging and*** case are also made with recycled materials, and give the customer the opportunity to send back unwanted eyewear to people in need. Eco’s recycled content is certified by UL Environment, a leading independent agency, after thorough periodic checks.

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