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MODO launches Eco 2.0, a recycled eyewear brand with sustainability and social responsibility as its main commitments. Eco 2.0 evolved from MODO’s original sustainable eyewear line, Eco. Eco 2.0’s product, logo, packaging, and point of purchase materials have developed to further communicate the three pillars, “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.” Eco 2.0 is stylish eyewear (LOOK GOOD) made of at least 95% recycled materials (FEEL GOOD) which plants a tree for every frame purchased (DO GOOD).

The collection features four main styles, “Skinnies”, “Classics”, “Bolds” and “Flexies.” The “Skinnies” are made of pre-consumer recycled acetate and are the thinnest possible acetate used for frames, which makes them incredibly lightweight. The “Classics” are made of pre-consumer recycled acetate and feature more traditional shapes and colors. The “Bold” styles are statement- making frames made of pre-consumer recycled acetate. The “Flexies” are metal frames made of post-consumer recycled surgical steel, which is lightweight. The unique hinge detail allows for further flexibility in the temples. The overall collection features classic colors such as black and tortoise, as well as vibrant hues. Each frame features the new logo on the hinge. The logo is the letter “O” from Eco and is inspired by the human eye.

In addition to using recycled and repurposed materials to create the frames, the collection is packaged in an envelope made of recycled materials that allows customers to donate their unwanted frames to charities helping people with poor vision in developing areas of the world. Inside of the envelope is a brochure that further elaborates Eco 2.0’s “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” initiatives to the consumer and a case made of recycled soda bottles that folds flat. The flat packaging allows for more efficient shipping methods, which helps reduce the brand’s carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

Point of purchase materials are also made of recycled materials and have also been packaged in a flat envelope. The “POP kit” comes with two counter cards, two frame displays and a logo plaque. The displays have been modified to tell Eco 2.0’s story in a more enticing way for the consumer. The campaign image features animals and has a playful, fun vibe. The logo plaque and displays are a light gray, which allows the eyewear to stand out. The frame displays are the shape of trees, which further communicates Eco 2.0’s sustainable message.

Eco’s mission has become a bit of game-changer in the industry. “This was not just about a new hinge,” says founder, Alessandro Lanaro, “It’s a conceptual innovation. One day all frames should be made this way. We are happy to be leading the change.”

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