MODO introduces eco-friendly line, Eco Biobased

New York, NY

MODO launches Eco Born Biobased, a stylish eco-friendly line made of 63 percent bio-based materials. An expansion of MODO’s successful Eco 2.0 line, the frames are made from castor seeds, a highly sustainable plant that grows up to 15’ in height after a few months. Lightweight and flexible, the Biobased styles feature classic colors and vibrant hues.

The collection boasts six styles with six color choices ranging from a classic black to teal.

In addition to using bio-based materials to create the frames, the collection is packaged in an envelope made of recycled materials. Customers are able to donate their unwanted frames to charities that help people with poor vision in developing areas of the world.

Included in the packaging is the “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” brochure that details MODO’s sustainability initiatives. The case, which is made of recycled fabric from soda bottles, folds flat to reduce the carbon footprint during shipping.

Bio-based products have plant or animal materials as their main ingredients, and typically come from a renewable source. The benefits of using bio-based materials include, creating a sustainable source of energy and products, according to the Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention, a non-regulatory program that provides assistance and resources to small businesses.

The collection is a result of a three yearlong collaboration with a French chemical company. Biobased is bio-certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is part of the USDA’s bio-preferred program. Under the Bio-Preferred Program, companies who create bio-based products are given preference by federal agencies when making purchase decisions.

Based in SoHo New York, MODO brings a new vision of luxury, by combining a selection of brands beyond the obvious and products of uncompromising craftsmanship. Conceived as ‘Eyewear for the Individual’, MODO is a boutique company that aims to give the thrill of discovery to its customers. Our talented design team matches European design sensitivity with the urban influences of New York.

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