Modo: “The Architects of Detail”

New York, NY

MODO’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection is dedicated to illuminating our dedication to the belief that “god is in the details” and accentuating the subtle, yet exquisite design details that set our styles apart from the crowd. All pieces are handmade and lovingly finished in Japan. Metals are all Titanium – the premier material for eyewear (ultra-light, hypo-allergenic, flexible yet incredibly strong and durable.) Plastics are chosen from the newest collections of Italian and Japanese handmade acetate each season.

4000 series – Contour Titanium

Inspired by the beauty of topographical tiered farms and natural formations, these styles utilize an innovative method of machining a solid titanium sheet into multiple layers to achieve a layered aesthetic on the face. The profile of the frame is kept very thin despite the block titanium construction and bold colors are used so the effect is incredibly light, colorful and multidimensional.

Color is used to underscore the contoured effect of the material on the 4031 and 4033 where the bridge and temples are plated in a brighter tonal complement to the color of the front. The result is double coloration that is understated, yet sophisticated.

The other styles feature double colorations with the interior and exterior of the frame in contrasting colors. Here some pieces use brighter “pop” colors for an amped up dose of color!

Each style also features the signature MODO hinge detail from the acetates echoed on each temple by a tiny raised square in shiny gunmetal.

4030 - A sharp, distinguished look, this utterly wearable women's rectangle flatters every face. Clean lines and unique angles at the bridge and corners of the lenses create interest. Made of strong, lightweight titanium, the frame gets a multi-dimensional upgrade with a contrasting pop of color on the interior for a look that is unapologetically sophisticated.

4031 - A modern twist on a classic round design, this sleek style for women in titanium invokes a hint of cat eye on the brow. The deep shape is fashion forward and incredibly wearable, while double colorations add interest: the temples, bridge and interior of the frame offer a tonal pop color while just the eye rims are the darker color. Subtly contoured titanium creates a uniquely understated multi-layered detail that sets this style apart.

4032 - Flattering on men and women, this super deep soft square is avant-garde but approachable, a design that is of-the-moment and yet conservative enough for any professional. Created with a single sheet of titanium cut away to reveal contours between the eye rims and the frame, its available in rich exterior colors with a light pop of contrast on the interior.

4033 - Infused with a retro-vibe, made modern with artfully carved titanium, this quintessential men's style offers a smaller fit that is versatile and flattering on any face. Contrasting colors on the interior and exterior create a handsome multi-dimensional look, and acetate tips juxtapose the metal, providing comfort—and a pop of color. Available in classic color combinations, it also comes in a special Matte Silver offset with Shiny Silver for a truly distinguished sensibility.

4034 - Light yet steely, this retro-inspired soft square is a handsome, universally flattering style. Fashion forward without being trendy, the shape is classic while the contoured titanium construction is modern. A discrete keyhole bridge adds a distinguished touch that quietly contrasts the clean, modern lines of the titanium frame. Double colorations create a multi-dimensional look.

4035 - Sleek, sophisticated, and best suited for wider faces, this larger masculine rectangle makes a statement in simple lines that are classic and clean. Special double coloration adds dimension and interest on the face. The subtly contoured titanium also creates a uniquely understated, multi- layered detail completing the look.

6000 series – MODO Signature Acetates

Continuing the tradition of forward thinking shapes created in brilliantly colored and textured Italian acetate, this group of 4 new styles epitomizes the concept of “less is more”.

Clean shapes and unique angles combine with juicy crystals for a truly modern silhouette. Classic tortoises are layered over “pop” colors and deep crystals for a multidimensional effect.

6029 - Slightly edgy yet unapologetically feminine, this petite frame is universally flattering in thick acetate. Interesting, cat-like angles add interest, weighted with a carved edge and complemented by double colorations in hand-laminated acetate.

6030 - Thin, style-conscious, and full of personality, this well-proportioned but feminine round frame has a subtle hint of cat-like curve at the brow. The thinner profile of the eye rims especially lends itself to the available options of translucent crystals in rich jewel tones.

6031 - A bold statement with vintage flare, this very wearable deeper square is discretely feminine, a study in thin lines and weightier edges. It’s available in timeless Black and Tortoise laminate, as well as modern, clear, translucent crystal colors that lighten up the profile.

6032 - A perfectly proportioned soft square, this oversized frame is handsomely suited for men and women who seek a thin profile that makes a strong statement. The keyhole bridge belies a retro heritage, but the colorations and lightness of the eye rims create a totally modern story. For a mixed, distinguished look, the Honey crystal front and dark Tortoise temples offers flattering coloring and contrast.

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