Antonia Miletto

Jewelry Designer

Q Where are you from, and where do you currently live?
A I was born in Rome but actually never lived there, now I share my time between Venice and NYC.

Q In a few lines, tell us about yourself and what you do:
A I’ve lived between these amazing places for the past 30 years, NY is where in 1997 I started my jewelry designing career. In my pieces I like to mix natural materials like precious woods, horn with 18kt gold and gemstones. This wonderful career takes me all over the world to work to source materials and collaborate with artisians.

Q What is your passion?
A I try to put a good dose of “passion” in everything I do, from spending time with my friends, my family or when creating a new piece…

Q Where can we see your work?
A Since 2007 my work can be seen in my Venetian gallery, in New York at Demner Miletto, a by-appointment salon on the Upper East Side and always on my website:

Q What do glasses do for you? How does a great frame affect your style and how you feel?
A Glasses like a piece of jewelry are made of forms, colors and materials all perfectly balanced .It comes natural to me to think of my eyewear as a piece of jewelry that I’d like to wear, and again like jewels I think you can never have enough !