Conceived as a personal interpretation of MODO’s exclusive Paper-Thin Titanium collection, the Valerio Sommella VS1 capsule showcases Sommella’s industrial design roots.

Made with MODO’s 0.6mm-thick Beta Titanium 153, Sommella re-interprets the combination of Titanium and the TR 90 Polyamide rim while retaining the collection’s simple V-groove lens application.

The VS1 capsule reduces the size of the Polyamide rim to reveal the frame’s architecture, calling attention to the innovative design that makes Paper-Thin Titanium so unique.




Valerio Sommella




“It has been a process of subtraction; I wanted to emphasize the relation between the frame and the lenses’ rims, make it clear and visible, so that the contrast and the proportions between these two elements became fundamental for the definition of the VS1 concept. The final result is a very simple collection in which discreet functional elements play an important aesthetic role.”

– Valerio Sommella