Giovanni Calcagno

Actor, author and producer

Q Where are you from, and where do you currently live?
A I am Sicilian and I live in Milan and on Etna.

Q In a few lines, tell us about yourself and what you do:
A I am an actor who ranges from cinema to theatre, and I like to also explore my work from a point of view of direction (theatrical). I like the laboratorial concept of this work, the group creative stage.

Q What is your passion?
A Football on TV.

Q Where can we see your work?
A In Italian theatres, at the cinema and on TV. The Trust TV series, which I made recently, directed by Danny Boyle will be aired from January in America and then throughout the world.

Q What do glasses do for you? How does a great frame affect your style and how you feel?
A They are a way of modifying how your eyes see. Sometimes they let you see shapes and colours normally hidden by the light.