Riccardo Ghilardi


Q Where are you from, and where do you currently live?
A I’m from Rome, actually live between Roma/Milan/Ny/LA

Q In a few lines, tell us about yourself and what you do:
I’m a Contour by Getty Images Photographer , specialized in celebrities portraits / involded in fashion photography and adv. I came from reportage that still love and follow for personal project in social envirovment with different ONG.


Q What is your passion?
A Surfing is my passion, I fell in love with the ocean more than 30 years ago…I can’t stop to enjoy it.


Q Where can we see your work?
www.riccardoghilardi.com www.gettyimages.comwww.contourbygettyimages.com


Q What do glasses do for you? How does a great frame affect your style and how you feel?
A …often glasses give rest to my eyes. It’s very important for me to wear a light frame as I use to wear for different hours. Minimal and simple is my style.