Tommaso Teodonio

Graphic Designer

Q Where are you from, and where do you currently live?
A I am from Rome, where I live and work.

Q In a few lines, tell us about yourself and what you do:
A I was born as a cartoonist & photographer, grew up as an architect, and I became a graphic designer. I worked for 4 years at Atelier Mendini in Milan and now I’m working in the Creative Department of AS Roma Football Club.

Q What is your passion?
A I like photography, street art, rock & electronic music, chocolate, all things in orange and I’ve an incredible passion for sharks.

Q Where can we see your work?
A Several times I’ve tried to gather my artworks in a unique container, but the available time for it is never enough. You can see my “ShArt” (Shark+Art) on my Instagram profile.

Q What do glasses do for you? How does a great frame affect your style and how you feel?
A “I can’t think without my glasses.” (Vivienne Westwood)